Friday, 7 July 2017

1972 July, August, September

Raspberries' 1st album, 1st July 1972. On the 13 May 1972 issue, Billboard wrote; the first Raspberryes album had a perfumed-sticker adhered to the cover that exuded a strong raspberry-smell that usually took over record-bars environment. They're a Canadian based group that has a sound which will probably draw parallels to that of the Bee Gees. They are buoyantly engaging and appealing romping through their repertoire. 'Don't want to say goodbye'. 

Leon Russell's 'Carney', 11 July 1972. It featured 'Tight rope', Russell's best recording ever... 
Elton John's latest album: 'Honky Chateau', 15 July 1972. 

'Brandy', 'Long cool woman in a black dress', 'Hold your head up', 15 July 1972.
Curtis Mayfield's 'Freddie's dead', 9 September 1972.
Mac Davis' 'Baby, don't get hooked on me', 16 September 1972.
David Bowie on tour, 23 September 1972.
Danny O'Feefe's 'Good time Charlie's got the blues', 23 September 1972. 

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