Tuesday, 14 April 2015

1970s New York City

seen from New Jersey the construction of the World Trade Center in 1970; the North Tower was completed first. 
World Trade Center under construction circa 1970.
a few weeks later looking from N.J.
early 1971.
2nd Avenue with 26th Street looking North - 1972.
New York dark side - 1970s.
5th Ave. & 39th Street on 30th April 1972 - Joe Testagrose photo. Rita Seale wrote in 2 November 2014: I have such a nostalgia for this area. I worked at 10 E. 40th Street for 20 years beginning in 1971. Kress was a great store - multi-leveled Art Deco design inside as outside, and Woolworth's was across 5th Ave. Both stores had long lunch counters. Lord & Taylor, Abraham & Strauss, Peck & Peck and B.Altman a few blocks down on 34th Street.
Broadway & 42nd Street on 4th June 1972.
'The Godfather' release date: 15 March 1972 at Loew's State Theater.
'The exorcist' realeased on 26 Dec 1973. This is probably Spring 1974.
looking North up 5th Avenue from 42nd Street on 9th September 1974.
42nd Street & 8th Avenue circa 1978.
42nd Street off 7th Avenue in 1978.
7th Avenue towards 49th Street in 1978; see 'Deep throat' and 'Devil in Miss Jones'? That was a double-feature!
7th Avenue & 45th Street after a snow fall in February 1979.


  1. Just want to thank you for all of your excellent historical NYC posts. You have access to images, many of which I've never seen before, and it's a real service to NY history habitués like me to see them. Many, many thanks for your efforts, and I hope you come up with more! --Doc

    1. thank you very much, Dr. Cocktail, for the comments. As you may have noticed I get focused mainly in New York in the 1970s for it was the time I lived in the Big Apple. I actually lived in Newark, N.J. but spent most of my week-ends in Manhattan somehow and only listened to New York's Top 40s radio stations like WABC, WPLJ, WNEW, WCBS etc. Those were the days... I was young and full of hope... today I only look back and still feel HAPPY for the times I lived... all the best, Dr. Cocktail.

  2. All eras of history are rife with prospects, and even the 70s (which seem like yesterday to me) have much to offer, as some of your material testifies. That said, you have outstanding material from all 20th Century decades!

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment, Dr. Cocktail. I beg your pardon for the delay in thanking you... I hope you're still alive and kicking. God bless you and pardon my kidding you in a not so very nice way...

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    1. It is really my pleasure to know you have enjoyed this page. I've done it with love because I lived really intensely th 1970s and I still cherish those memories.