Sunday, 10 August 2014

Air ways to get into the USA

I flew to New York, USA in 1971, on a Varig plane. Varig was the Brazilian carrier then. It is no more today. All flights to the USA and Europe started from Rio de Janeiro. As I lived in São Paulo I had to take a 'domestic flight' from Congonhas Airport to Galeão in Rio. It took around 9 hours to get to JFK in NYC. 

As time went by and I settled in the US, I realized that most people I met from South America arrived in the US through Aerolineas Peruanas or Braniff International Airways. Here are some 1950s ads I got from Brazilian Reader's Digest. 

In the late 1950s, the flight from Rio de Janeiro to New York City took 'only' 25 hours and 3 minutes, according to this Braniff ad. One would take off from Rio on a DC-6 and fly over the Andes to Lima. From Lima would fly to Guayaquil (Ecuador), Panama, Havana (Cuba) and then New York.

Braniff and Aerolineas Peruanas run more or less the same route from Rio de Janeiro to New York City in the late 1950s.

Rockefeller Center on 5th Avenue off 50th Street with Varig Brazilian Airlines offices on the right in May 1962.

12 February 1961 - 10 years before I flew to New York it looks like the air-fares were a lot cheaper. Look at these Varig prices. I paid more than double those prices in 1971. 
19 February 1961 - Braniff also advertised their low prices at Estadao a week later.

Real - Aerovias Brasilia - flew from Rio de Janeiro to Mexico and Los Angeles twice a week. They don't even say how long the trip took not to frighten their travelers. They only extolled the virtues of their food and the excitiment of visiting such marvelous cities. The planes had stops at Manaus, Bogota (Colombia), Mexico City and finally Los Angeles.

6 May 1960 - ad in S.Paulo's daily OESP - Loja para brasileiros em New York.

9 April 1961 ad in S.Paulo daily OESP from Victor Appliance Co. on 22 Albany Street, catered for the Brazilian middle class that had their shopping done in Manhattan. Note that Victor is 'soon moving to 46th Street' where Brazilians of all persuasions congregated since then.

Victor Appliance Co. had been selling TVs, radios, stereos, lingeries, linen, nylons to Brazilians for 15 years. They had a van-service Brazilians could use just ringing them up.

9 May 1965 - See this reel-to-reel Sony portable tape-recorder? This is the kind of stuff Brazilians bought in New York when they visited the city in 1965. New York World Fair was still on in May 1965. Victor International was now relocated at 46th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues (Avenue of Americas). 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

No man's land - New Jersey Meadowlands

New Jersey Meadowlands land fill.
New Jersey Turnpike on flooded Meadowlands.
Newark Bay Bridge - North Bayone Park.

Pulaski Skyway...

Blue Moon day seen from New Jersey - 31st July 2015.
Blue Moon day - 31s July 2015.