Tuesday, 24 September 2013

1968 - 1969 - 1970 & 1971 US News

This blog is about my experience being an immigrant in the USA who arrived in New York in 2nd October 1971, with almost no English at all. 

As I have gone back in time to tell about my personal experiences circa 1971, I have realized I had to go back even further back in time to understand what the scene was around then.

So I decided to start with the dreadful Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968, then cover the Chicago 8 trial and Nixon. 

Chicago - Anti-war protesters confront federal troops in Grant Park during the Democratic National Convention, 1968.

1970. Activists Jerry Rubin (left), Abbie Hoffman (center), and Rennie Davis speak with the press during a recess in their trial. The three are facing charges for conspiring to start the riots that tore through Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention." 

25 January 1971

The Baltimore Four - 27 October 1967
The Milwaukee 14 against the Milwaukee Draft Boards - 24 September 1968
The Catonsville Nine - 8 November 1968
The Chicago 15
The Boston Eight
The Camden 28 Group
The Buffalo Five
The Harrisburg Seven - 1970

5 July 1971

Daniel Ellsberg as a marine in 1954.