Tuesday, 14 April 2015

1970s New York City

seen from New Jersey the construction of the World Trade Center in 1970; the North Tower was completed first. 
World Trade Center under construction circa 1970.
a few weeks later looking from N.J.
early 1971.
2nd Avenue with 26th Street looking North - 1972.
New York dark side - 1970s.
5th Ave. & 39th Street on 30th April 1972 - Joe Testagrose photo. Rita Seale wrote in 2 November 2014: I have such a nostalgia for this area. I worked at 10 E. 40th Street for 20 years beginning in 1971. Kress was a great store - multi-leveled Art Deco design inside as outside, and Woolworth's was across 5th Ave. Both stores had long lunch counters. Lord & Taylor, Abraham & Strauss, Peck & Peck and B.Altman a few blocks down on 34th Street.
Broadway & 42nd Street on 4th June 1972.
'The Godfather' release date: 15 March 1972 at Loew's State Theater.
'The exorcist' realeased on 26 Dec 1973. This is probably Spring 1974.
looking North up 5th Avenue from 42nd Street on 9th September 1974.
42nd Street & 8th Avenue circa 1978.
42nd Street off 7th Avenue in 1978.
7th Avenue towards 49th Street in 1978; see 'Deep throat' and 'Devil in Miss Jones'? That was a double-feature!
7th Avenue & 45th Street after a snow fall in February 1979.

1960s New York City

Frederick Kelly photo; 'Hannibal' with Victor Mature opened on 15 June 1960.
clergy & laity walk the streets of NYC - 'Sweet Charity' opened on 1st April 1969.
49th Street towards 6th Avenue in the early 1960s.
Broadway & 49th Street in 1960; assassination attempt on PM Kishi was in 60.
Broadway towards 50th Street in 1962.
Broadway & 46th Street in 1965.
5th Avenue & 50th Street - view from the steps of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in 1965.
Times Square-Duffy Square in 1966.
Broadway towards 48th Street circa 1967.
Broadway & 47th Street in 1970.

1950s New York City

7th Avenue toward 44th Street in 1956.
Broadway towards 46th Street in 1954. 'On the waterfront' with Marlon Brando is playing at the cinema on the right.
7th Avenue & 46th Street in 1952.
42nd Street & 8th Avenue in 1953.

3rd Ave. & 83rd Stree in 1955 after the 3rd Ave. El was taken down; the sidewalks were cut back; 5 feet were shaved off each side. This is a 'before' picture.
Broadway towards 46th Street in 1950s.
Broadway & 47th Street in 1954 with Cinerama playing for the 3rd year in a row.
Broadway & 44th Street in 1955.
7th Avenue-Broadway & 44th Street in 1955.
Broadway & 45th Street in 1956; 'The man who never was' with Gloria Grahme and Cyd Charisse in 'Meet me in Las Vegas'
Broadway & 47th Street in 1955.
Broadway towards 44th Street in 1955. WRCA was the forerunner of WNBC, Channel 4 & 660.
5th Avenue & 49th Street in 1955.
6th Avenue toward 50th Street in 1954.
50th Street towards 6th Avenue in 1956.
7th Avenue toward 43rd Street with the Paramount Theater presenting Frank Sinatra & Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey in 1956.
'Man of a thousand faces' with James Cagney released on 13 August 1957 - 47th Street.
'Love me tender' starts on 15 November 1956 at the Paramount Theatre in Manhattan.
Llama on Broadway... 'Bells are ringing' opened on 29 November 1956 at Shubert Theater at 225 West 44th Street in Midtown, Manhattan.
walking down the Avenue... circa 1959.

1940s New York City

Broadway & 44th Street - 26th February 1940; Loew's Criterion is showing 'The man from Dakota' with Wallace Reed & Dolores del Rio. 
7th Avenue & 43rd Street in the 1940s.
RKO Palace on 1564 Broadway (at West 47th Street) showing 'Moon over Miami' with Don Ameche which premiered 18 June 1941.
Lower East Side 1942.
'Three is a family' premiered on 23rd November 1944.
Broadway & 44th Street with a view of the Astor Hotel in 1947.
5th Avenue & 45th Street in 1946.
34th Street from 8th Avenue in 1942.

Broadway & 46th Street in 1946. 
Broadway towards 50th Stree in 1946.
7th Avenue & 46th Street in 1948.
50th Street towards 6th Avenue in 1946.
Times Square 1947.
Rockefeller Center Plaza in the 1930s - Wurts Brothers photo.

Broadway towards 45th Street in 1948; Ethel Merman at the Imperial Theatre with 'Annie get your guns'.
5th Avenue & 42nd Street in 1949.