Friday, 14 December 2012

Olden NYC

Genesis of a icon: In this 5 June 1908 photo, the Manhattan Bridge is less than a shell, seen from Washington Street. It wouldn't be opened for another 18 months and wouldn't be completed for another 4 years.
exactly same place in the 1970s... only 70 years later. 
New York City in 1895.
New York Times building in 1919. 
Times Squares in the 1950s.

Moment in history: The headline of the newspaper the man in this 18n May 1940 photo reads: 'Nazi Army Now 75 Miles From Paris.' This picture shows the corner of Sixth Avenue and 40th Street in Manhattan.
The Third Avenue elevated train rumbles across lower Manhattan. City Hall can be seen in the background.
Workers dig in Delancy Street on New York's Lower East Side in this photo dated July 29, 1908.
Mulberry Street circa 1900.
The Great Bambino: In this 30 September 1936, a man hands a program to baseball legend Babe Ruth, center, as he is joined by his second wife Clare, center left, and singer Kate Smith, front left, in the grandstand during Game One of the 1936 World Series at the Polo Grounds in New York.

LZ 129 Hinderburg over Manhattan in May 1937. The Hinderburg exploded on May 6, as it attempted to dock at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in southern New Jersey. 36 people died - 13 passengers, 22 crew members and one person working on the ground - in what became known as the Hindenburg Disaster. Here the Hinderburg sails over Brooklyn before heading south to its horrible fate in N.J.

Pam Am building still under construction with 60 stories. It was opened in 7 March 1963.  

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