Thursday, 7 August 2014

No man's land - New Jersey Meadowlands

I arrived in the USA, throught the JFK Airport in New York, on the morning of 2nd October 1971. The very first time I took the Interstate bus to Newark at Platform 61, at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 8th Avenue - and it went West through the New Jersey Turnpike... I noticed this No Man's Land spread out in a sort of eerie prairie beetween Manhattan  and Jersey City. 

Every time the bus flew over it on tall bridges that covered the swampland for kilometres I could not help but wonder about such a mysterious place...
New Jersey Meadowlands land fill.
New Jersey Turnpike on flooded Meadowlands.
Newark Bay Bridge - North Bayone Park.

Pulaski Skyway.

Blue Moon day seen from New Jersey - 31st July 2015.
Blue Moon day - 31st July 2015.
sometime before 11 September 2001. 


  1. Great shots. Looks spooky and first thing I think of is The Sopranos. More than likely that place has been used by the mob on a few occasions for real.

    1. You're dead right! They say famous teamsters Union boss Jimmy Hoffa was murdered by the Mafia and is buried somewhere in this VERY AREA.