Saturday, 3 May 2014

PHILIP ROTH in Newark, 1968

author Philip Roth at Franks Burgers in Newark, N.J. in 1968. Photograph: Bob Peterson-Time Life Pictures.

excerpts from 'Goodbye, Columbus' edited in 1959:

I shall never forget the heat and mugginess of that afternoon we drove into New York. We were heading throught the Lincoln Tunnel which seemed longer and fumier than ever, like Hell with tiled walls. Suddenly we were in NYC and smothered again by the thick day. I pulled around the policeman who directed traffic in his shirt sleeves and got up onto the Port Authority roof to park the car. 

On the way back to Jersey: Brenda, I discovered, was asleep on a couch in the hotel lobby. It was almost 4 o'clock. It was almost dawn when we came out of the Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel. I switched down to my parking lights, and drove on to the Turnpike, and there out before me I could see the swampy meadows that spread for miles and miles, watery, blotchy, smelly, like an oversight of God.

Philip at home, a few years earlier...
George Tice phograph of Junked Cars in Newark, N.J. in 1973. George Tice was born in Newark in 1938. He began photographin in 1953.

It's August 1970 and Car 20 of  the Newark City Subway Line is crossing Orange Street en route to Penn Station. (photo: Bill Mosteller).
Hackensack River turns its way throught a New Jersey marshland...
Newark at the Passaic River...

Market Street. 

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